Nova Cancelled

I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts on the news that Nova is cancelled.

As I said before when reflecting on the sales data, I’m disappointed. Bummed. Pissed. I’m glad we have a community of fans who can chat with each other and gripe together…now it seems its back to the old game, albeit with a couple more months of stories.

I don’t think there’s a lot of benefit in railing excuses, I will, however, reiterate that most comic books series don’t work without hyping them up, promoting them heavy, and making them important and relevant within the Marvel Universe. That being said, Marvel is evidently letting several other books sell at a lower point than Nova, not sure the logic there either.

I forgot where I said it, but at one point in the months prior to release of this series I mentioned my concerns with the hype and creative team and apparent priority of the book @ Marvel and said, hopefully, at a minimum, we get a good “bridge book” that works to mend wounds, fix broken crap, and link the two differing factions with more tact. I think we go that and more.

This book was solid…Loveness and Perez put a bunch of their heart into it…listened to both sets of fans and crafted a very nice comic series. This book did a lot to mend the wounds of old with Rich Rider fans, if there are many even left out there. These guys should be proud of this work, writing, the art and all the hard hours with a solid little run. So I say thank you guys…and I really hope you all keep doing great things…. I think this series will be remembered very well.

Frankly, I don’t know what to say about comic sales right now. I look at the top 300 and just shake my head at the solid properties that struggle to sell these days, the market trends, and the rankings. I have no other explanation than that Marvel is a wreck, but the comics market is very unusual- macro problems I’ve talked about in the past in detail.

This is sad to say, but the comic book medium, is, unfortunately, of waning in interest for me. I read more prose now, and find the ($) cost of collection, the space needed, and the difficulty of schlepping it to one specific LCS, very far from my house a ponderous undertaking. Long gone are the days of me as puke 13 year old walking the mile to my LCS and coming back with a stack of New Warriors, West Coast Avengers, Namor, and Captain America (And a half dozen other books). Comics were so fun back then. These days, Nova and Thanos were the only Marvel books I was buying.

Not to re-hash, but one of the biggest things that has killed me with Marvel is continuity and editing. If something doesn’t jive with itself, its own history, or what others are doing around the writer in a shared universe and serial fiction, then it not only devalues the importance, it makes the material still seem juvenile, sloppy, and immature. Worse, it makes the material seem vapid and passable. This wasn’t a big problem for Loveness/Perez book, but I’ve found it creeping up more and more and permeates the material of many of the writers like Spencer, Duggan or Bendis. (Coincidentally, the guys who they seem apt to give the keys to the company these days)

I’m going to do some soul searching again…not sure if I’m up for beating the drum for a medium and art that seems so superfluous and marginal. Truthfully, the politics and messages in the books these days are something I find difficult to identify with, outside what Loveness/Perez were doing there’s not much out there, and I get aggravated more than entertained and invigorated.

This year I turn 40…at last that “40 year old Nova fan” that Stephen Whacker used to berate…maybe its time to finally follow that guys advice and move on.



6 thoughts on “Nova Cancelled

  1. I agree whole-heatedly with everything you said. Btw, I used to be the 40yearoldNovafan. Now I am 50yearoldNovafan. Jimmy

  2. As a 57 yrs old cosplayer, known as Nova Prime I was thrill to hear that Rich was back, when I saw that Sam was there, I felt this was a stun to get readers for Sam. Very disappointed…

  3. I can’t help but wonder that if RR had returned to comics in the style of Nova Vol. 4 we would be talking about a successful book instead.

    Marvel did make up a little for snubbing Rich, but the damage has already been done to the landscape of the comics and I, personally, don’t feel invested in the current storylines at all.

    Rich went from a defender of the Galaxy, a powerhouse of strategy and ability, to chaperoning Sam and being drastically under-powered.

    Nova Vol. 4 and Annihilation will always have a special place in my heart but unfortunately my time and money is better spent elsewhere now. The reality is that the demographic Marvel wants now is children and it’s reflected in the stories and characters of the last 3-4 years.

    1. I agree with you mucho. Rich Rider Nova series really should be a Green Lantern-esque big sprawling space story.

      Despite the fact its good, maybe some folks just weren’t that interested in this low key , personal exploration.

  4. My web-fu appears to not be working, as I can’t find any information on Marvel’s cancellation of Nova. Do you know if we are at least getting issue #6, since they are still advertising selling it?

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