Marvel Unveils Legacy at C2E2…yawn.


Warning: for all the “small but vocals” out there who are fans of my profanity-laced, scathing indictments of Marvel, this is your huckleberry…for those who are not- best turn your eyes for this one.

So this past weekend at C2 E2 in Chicago, Marvel unveiled this drastic new direction post-Secret Invasion called “Legacy”. Sounds great right? We’ll its not. My thoughts on what I’ve seen are pretty concrete; I’m not at all a fan, and I see little reason for optimism, both as a Rider fan and an old school Marvel fan.

I can only assume from the language this kinda thing is aimed at readers like me, those driven off by Marvel and the lost readers who’ve bailed over the last few years. From the promo stuff I saw at C2E2, I can say that it is most certainly not enough to rope me back in, and instead clearly, yet another clown-act in the mismanagement of this company’s paper comic division.

How is it this whole “Legacy” of mismanagement and incompetence paired up with superficial meaninglessness?

First, it totally deflates Secret Empire. Here we see, Cap is back to normal status quo, many characters are alive and well, and that life will go on for the whole Marvel U after this so-called “must read” event just fine. It kills the whole importance of Spencer’s project. Seeing as how Spencer has been the most irreverent and destructive Marvel writer since Jeph Loeb, this doesn’t necessarily anger me, it is, however a shoddy and bumbling business model.

In short; Secret Empire’s already been written off.

Let’s start with the name “Legacy”, hey cool word and all, it has the double meaning of representing the fact they are going to still, mind numbingly going to be sticking with the slew of bad legacy characters they’ve spammed us with like Falcap, Jane Foster, Miles, Gwenpool, Riri while also using the word to indicate some phony honor for the past….let me say, from what I see, it’s a crock of shit folks.

While I fully adhere to the rule that something shouldn’t be knocked till we see what it is, for me, at least, I’ve seen enough to write this off for the garbage it is. The result is clearly the good ole’ flipped bird by Marvel, as they say “Fuck you fans, we’re gonna keep on keepin’ on with the same shit that doesn’t work.”

This seems like a complete trick; Cap’s got his Gruenwald-era uniform back! Wow! We’ll bring back FOOM (really as if half a dozen readers out there were alive when FOOM was around) and tweak the numbering again to “original” numbers. BTW Marvel already has FOOM….it’s called REDDIT, where any negative voice gets down voted en masse by the zombies.

Yet, with everything they displayed, these look like the same characters folks who’ve ditched Marvel have rejected. They are going to be written by the same writers we’ve rejected. Lord knows, it will be the same high prices we’ve rejected as well. At its root, this “Legacy” garbage seems like nothing more than a gimmick- no different than holograms, variant covers, renumbering, or rebooting.

The new era promises no events for over a year. Again, this is such a foolhardy analysis of what is wrong with their company; most folks never had a problem with events or even the notion frequent events. Look how many events were spammed in the 2006-2008 period. Civil War. Annihilation. Pak’s Planet Hulk. Ultimates 2. Silent War. Then right on the heels of these events we had more and more stuff like Conquest, and if you were a DC guy, you had to keep pace with the onerous “52”. We didn’t mind all the events because the books were well written!

I’m also going to be honest, this has nothing to do with diversity or even the occasional replacement character. That stuff’s worked in the past. Marvel was always diverse and did a good job with diversity, and yep, every now and then you need a fun era like Genis-Vell, John Walker Saga, or Wally West. That’s not exactly what tainted with this company….it’s that they went crazy and wild with it. In short; they lost their fucking minds! Worse we got lectured on politics and bullshit at every junction. Alonso began running Marvel like he was Zack De La Rocha preening in front of a group of stoned kids at lollapalooza ; suddenly, the company felt the need to give into zealots and turn their company in to an ultra left-wing-pro BLM entity.

Marvel keeps beating down heroes. This is all just the same cycle of tired Alan-Moore-esque degenerative hero-shit that’s been tired for fifteen years. Heroes being petty, heroes being closet assholes, heroes fighting each other. Government = evil. Tired. Tired. Tired.

Now for some Nova-specific gripes:

Well it appears we’ve once again entered dark territory for our hero. (and for Sam as well)

Nova gets inexplicably removed from Generations, so naturally there is the whisperings of a conspiracy against us. A promo was displayed featuring neither Richard Rider nor Sam Alexander. No Nova folks.

The art promises to “Make Mine Marvel” ha! Fuck no! Guess not for Nova fans.

Sorry folks, this is the same old cycle of junk post-Quesada poor decisions repackaged and rehashed. I am now more certain than ever; Marvel Paper comics need a complete overhaul that includes the uppermost rungs. They need sweeping reform of creative talent and new outlooks on how they develop talent and keep it.

Quick notes on C2E2:

Cave-Man Avengers? Who wants that?

You give Chip Zdarsky a “Spider Man” book after he can’t sell a book supported by a multi-million dollar movie character in the summer of its release? Seems legit.

“I am Groot” series with Baby Groot. I have zero interest in Baby Groot myself…rock on though. “Rocket Raccoon” series with some new Otter chick sidekick. Dumb….

Duggan’s GOTG book said to be based off the movie, with ample parts of the DnA/ Giffin legacy that fans want…hmmm, yet again, bullshit detector fires on all cylinders; how are we supposed to take that seriously when the guy trashed DnA fans for 30 issues of his Nova volume? BTW I read somewhere he also claims to have 2-3 years scripted… much for weathering any storms….oh but hey, Darkhawk’s back…yay. Call me jaded.


12 thoughts on “Marvel Unveils Legacy at C2E2…yawn.

  1. I think the lacked of Nova is due to the cancellation of the last series. So many frustrated fans(especially our old pals from Cosmic Book News) refused to support the book Just because Sam was in it that it never stood a chance.

    1. I do agree this was a factor. However, after 6 years we’ve gotta hope to pick up new fans as well- and this book still needed the traditional hype-up and devices to rope in readers, which it did not get.

      I can think of only one book Marvel put out that just boomed and worked right away without hype, maybe Ms. Marvel, but for some reason I remember them hyping it up and its writer due to their unique perspective much more than say this book.

      We got this book announced in a back room alley and it was never touted in any other event, save the last few pages of a book that sold 15k.

  2. What the actual fuck? I’ve been living under a rock past few weeks and I come home to this?

    Nova is cancelled?

    My pull list has always been many Marvel books and maybe 1 or 2 DC. Now with X-men being shit (for a long time but I’ve finally given up) and the rest of Marvel fucking weird I don’t touch Marvel anymore. I can’t stand them.

  3. I have to ask as you seem to make the point of “number of issues sold” quite frequently. When saying that there are other series who are selling less than nova was but they are being kept alive despite that, are you also counting digital sales numbers? because a series that sells 500 physical and 50000 digital will obviously continue while a nova 30000 physical alone won’t.

    1. Also I have to say, although I started reading comics around the civil war era ans therefore, marvel, what kept me interested was annihilation, conquest and original GotG. I’ve fallen out of love for marvel, nowadays, with rebirth and all, DC just seens to be structured and better written. despite all of that, I was reading the new nova religiously… damn you marvel. Go aquaman!

    2. It just depends how hard Marvel wants to push the brand. You have some titles selling lower but continue as Marvel really wants it to succeed. In this case, they don’t care so they cancelled it. Marvel also might want the creative talent to work on something else that they deem worthwhile.

      It’s just a kick in the face really. They bring back Richard Rider with little to no fanfare. No big comeback. BUT, still a quality quiet story is written and then Marvel just says “ha, ha, ha the jokes on you” and dropkicks Richard Rider back into oblivion.

      1. Though I share your disappointment, I don’t know if I see this new series as a kick in the face overall. Yes, we got screwed in many ways, but it was something to enjoy. And for a brief moment, we talked comics and stories and savored it all. (most of us anyways) We got Rich back, Sam too, and things were good between us all. Thanks to those guys for that. I’m still hoping somebody gets it together and let’s Rich Rider shine.

    3. That’s possible, but my logic, to me, says that it likely isn’t the case. My guess is not one particular comic would tend to skew digital numbers to be so different ratio-wise. I’d further guess that what would skew digital sales is when books sell out or are unavailable in print.

      Either way its a guessing game. From the vantage I sit, the titles Marvel allows to slow-burn have other value, either letting a new creator run his/her course or because Marvel wants it to be out there for representative reasons.

  4. Hey, I’m pretty new to this blog. Just thought I’d drop off my two cents.

    I’m not nearly as old as you guys are. I’m Marvel’s target audience, and I’m turning 23 years old this month. And I still find myself agreeing with most of what you have to say.

    I’ve been a Marvel fan my whole life. Got introduced to Marvel from the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon and have been hooked ever since. But man it really sucks to be a Marvel fan right now. I even stopped buying Amazing Spider-Man after volume 3. And I started buying the comics just before One More Day happened, so I had to deal with my favorite comic relationship being ripped in two. But I couldn’t stand what Slott was doing on the title anymore.

    When I heard the Guardians of the Galaxy movie announcement, I decided to read through the DnA cosmic saga, and I was not disappointed. And while I enjoyed the Guardians so much, I really fell in love with Nova. He’s now one of my favorite comicbook heroes, only behind Agent Venom, Scarlet Spider (Kaine), and Spider-Man.

    Nova was my favorite book Marvel has been putting out, and I was devastated when it was cancelled. My Marvel pull list gets shorter and shorter every day. I only have about 6 titles I’m getting. The state of the Marvel universe is in such shambles, and I don’t think this “Marvel Legacy” is gonna fix it at all. Marvel is trying to cash in on the DC Rebirth train, but only in title. There’s not going to be any change without a serious a changeup of writers and editors, so I can’t get excited. It really does feel like Marvel doesn’t care about Nova at all, especially with how little they marketed the title.

    I will say one thing though. You seem to not like Duggan, but I think he’s doing some of the best work for Marvel in a long time. I’m a Deadpool fan, and he’s done amazing things for him, and his Uncanny Avengers is also great. His Guardians of the Galaxy just started, and I’m going to be giving it a chance. The first issue just came out, and it honestly wasn’t great. Better than Bendis to be sure, but still a very movie heavy influence. But he’s taken the obvious baby Groot mandated synergy thing and actually turned it into a plot line I find intriguing. His Deadpool book was not great at first either. The first 6 issues were “meh” at best. But I realize now that it was a transition from the horrible Daniel Way run. He wanted to slowly introduce new things to Deadpool without ignoring what had come before. And the result was some of the best Deadpool stories I have ever read.
    So yeah, I’m willing to give Duggan an arc or two to prove himself. I know your were dismissive of reddit, but he did a really interesting AMA about the new book, and he honestly seemed sincere about trying to write the best book he could. Plus, he promised Richard Rider appearances in the book, and even a reunion with Star Lord. I’m not gonna blame you for not liking the first bit, but I urge you to not put it off completely yet.

    Anyway, thanks for listening to my small rant, and I just thought I would let you know it’s not just the older fans who are frustrated with Marvel right now.

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful reply!
      On Duggan:

      Yes, you’re right that I have been rough on him…for some solid reasons, IMO, but I did read that Reddit AMA and it was a game-changer for me. He really should have done something like that much sooner instead of his fan interaction prior.

      So after reading that, I do agree that his GOTG deserves a chance, he seems like a much bigger Marvel fan than I realized and frankly a nice guy. Still, he’s got to correct his mistakes in the past and make things jive. He wrote a couple of decent arcs in the old Nova Sam book, but most of his stuff seemed disjointed poorly researched and not up to snuff. But yes, beleive it or not, I’ve actually been toying with following the series as well, especially with that news he delivered about the Corps and Rider.

      Very interesting about the older/newer fans. Spider-man was among my first comics as well, and despite the age difference many of the same things seemed to shape us. Really whatever the years, the 2000s for Marvel cosmic with Annihilation, Giffin and DnA were now what I harken back to more than anything. As it stands, I think many Nova fans are united these days in being disappointed. Like I’ve said…this goes way beyond Nova. Now today they kill off Rick Jones in Spencer’s book…talk about low hanging fruit. That is basically like killing off your “eternal fan” of any era. Rick Jones was always a kind of metaphor/ POV character of the average fans…the average joe. Really lousy writing.

      No FOOM card for him I guess.

      Thanks for following the blog and feel free to chime in anytime!

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